The implementation of community support activities within the area of influence of the Taquesi River Hydroelectric Complex constitutes one of HB’s non-corporate objectives.

That is how, for example, HB financed the construction and outfitting of the new Health Center at Yanacachi. This new health facility is not only expected to provide services to the inhabitants of Yanacachi and Chojlla, but it intends to become a reference facility for the entire region, due to its large capacity.

Moreover, the Taquesi Foundation, which is HB’s articulating arm in the area of community support, has also provided support to UNAR (the Archeology Unit), which depends from the Vice Ministry of Culture, in connection with its research, recovery and preservation efforts with respect to the archeological leftovers found in the area. Also, signs were posted along the Pre Columbian trail at Taquesi, and the tourist shelter at Kacapi was refurbished and outfitted, among others.